Saturday, June 19, 2010

Loss Taught Me - a poem extract from 'Excursions in My Mind'

Loss taught me.
Loss taught me that death comes
Both to the old and the young.

Loss taught me.
It taught me that I won’t have people around me forever.
The good I need to do to someone today,
I may not have the opportunity to do tomorrow.

Loss taught me.
It taught me that what I have is the present.
The future lies only with God, who knows it.

Loss taught me.
It taught me that life gives
No advance early warning in many cases.
Events happen without notice,
We must be prepared at all times.

Loss taught me.
It taught me that life must be forged
In the midst of hardships.

Loss taught me the value of tears.
Just as the rains come down to wash away debris and dust,
Tears unleash can bring relief.

Loss taught me.
It taught me the priceless value of friends.
I would have lost it but for friends.
For friends who care.
For friends who pray.
For friends who visit.
For friends who text and email.
For friends whose words I rely upon to keep sane.
And the greatest friend of all – Jesus.

Loss taught me the strength of faith.
Faith in a God who understands.
Faith in a Saviour who gave His all.
Faith in a Comforter who walks by my side.

Loss taught me the relevance of family.
And it brought strongly to me the responsibility I have
Towards my wife and children.
Towards my parents and my siblings.
Towards my flesh and blood.

Loss taught me about the frailty
And transient nature of man.
It taught me humility.
It taught me about the urgency of service,
Of touching lives,
Of mentoring,
Of legacy.
Of making hay
While there is still sunshine and life.

Above all, loss has made me a better person.
I don’t take things too much to heart.
I can smile at irritations.
Loss has taught me
to enjoy the journey of life,
not just the destination,
To smell the roses,
To watch the setting sun,
To laugh
when something is funny.

Loss has made me
Look at work/life balance
In a whole new light.

Loss has made me
Look at future decisions
In a whole new light.

Loss has really taught me.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Poem 21: Blest Grace

Oh what blest grace
We from grass can raise
To enjoy in fullness the joy
Only Christ’s blood can buy

Poem 20: Overtaking

When the Lord will decide
That His blessings reach
His holy saints
Even the whole of hell
Cannot stand its velocity
Of approach!

Poem 19: Forgiveness

Oh how hard the heart is
Harder than flint this fella is
Struck with the bullet of hurt
This fella hardly will melt

If only for once he will reflect
On the love of One he can’t neglect
On whom so much love showed
When on the cross His blood flowed

He demonstrated His love in this
That when His grace we still did miss
He came from glory above to die
So we can life find

If only the heart will consider this
Then it will surely hurt dismiss
Out of his bowels forgiveness will flow
Knowing that’s the only way it can gratitude show

Poem 18: The Lord's Church

I established my church
I nurture my body
I guide my ministry
I sustain my vision
I am the Lord
The church, the ministry
Is mine, not yours
Why fret?

Poem 17: Integrity

Going against the tide
Keeping my integrity intact
Hanging on to God’s standard
A constant challenge each day

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Poem 16: Whispering Winds

Hear the
whispering winds
Cold frigid winds
Balmy? Soothing? No

The wind bits
The heat hits
Sharp as the needl’ point
Painful, biting, piercing

Next step
Where to, I ask
The blackness ahead
Is there a light, a beacon?

My eyes grow dim
Senses numb from hoping
Dull faculties, overstressed
Stress, burden, pressed down

Whispering winds
Whispers of comfort
The source same as
The breadth of life
Strength for tomorrow

Whispering winds
Fresh from above
Source? From a dove
Love sacrifice gave

Whispering winds, grace
Occluded in love
Fresh from above
Given to face the morrow

I receive,
Lord, I perceive
I acknowledge
Lord, I accept
I am refreshed by
whispering winds
Of Grace